The first italian wine industry of biotechnology and university research
Founded in Florence in 1897

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Dear customer, we invite you to carefully read the following:

The Laboratorio Zimotecnico Italiano Srl company does not sell On-Line since, preferring scientific research and free assistance to the world of winemaking, it does not want to enter into economic competitions between various more or less noble traders and some of dubious origin and quality (in Italy the sale of fermenting yeasts is carried out exclusively on a commercial level, as there are no manufacturing companies; we are the only production structure of liquid yeasts and yeasts on an agar basis on Castelli strains, while dried yeasts are produced for us exclusively on our stocks by Soc . LallemandCanadian). We address in the EU to large wineries, agricultural consortia, and specialized agricultural shops, but not retail, we have a national sales network; so in the event that a private individual wishes to purchase one of our products, we can exceptionally serve you at the same prices as the shopkeeper, upon release of a due invoice.

Purchase procedure:

the customer sends an Email to notifying us of the items he wishes to purchase, adding address, tax code or IP and telephone; if the amount falls within the minimum amount of € 50 (including € 10 of transport costs), or € 99 (with free transport), we will send a pro-forma invoice on a detailed price list basis. If instead the order exceeds € 200 of goods (+ Transport + VAT ) then we will send a pro-forma on a wholesale price list basis. The difference between the two price lists is the reloading of the shopkeeper, including payment, transport, insurance and VAT.

For logistical and structural needs (we are an industry, we are not a commercial warehouse), therefore we cannot process orders of less than 50 euros.

Upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice by the PayPal Holdings, Inc. Credit Institute, the customer is free to accept or not accept the amount and by clicking on the payment logo, he / she can carry out the transaction (we never get to know the data) bank and / or credit cards of the customer, which are canceled by the Bank after the transaction). The goods will be delivered to you by BRT (Bartolini Espresso) courier within 3 working days. The transaction includes all the costs of the goods, packaging, insurance, VAT and transport. Upon arrival of the goods, if the customer considers that the shipment does not comply with the order sent, he has the right to return the goods to us if intact and unopened, by sending us an Email to we will send the forwarder for collection and you will be refunded.

After 4 days from receipt of the goods, the order is fully processed and accepted by the customer, who no longer has any right to cancel the transaction, to return the goods or to request a refund.

For any technical or administrative information please call the toll free number 8000.90.235

Italian Zimotecnico Laboratory Srl

Via Montecavallo 10 - 55041 Camaiore (LU)

PI 02308480488 CCIAA LU 212629 - 

Administrative relations:

Via Aurelia Nord, 175 - 55049 Viareggio (LU) Tel. 0584.50917 - 3492689100

By sending us the order, the client fully accepts the conditions set out above, for any dispute the competent court is the Court of Lucca.

Viareggio August 1, 2019.