The first italian wine industry of biotechnology and university research
Founded in Florence in 1897

LZI     la prima industria italiana di Enologia dal 1893

"In wine there is wisdom, in water there are bacteria!"
(Benjamin Franklin - US president)

"Wine is one of the greatest signs of civilization in the world"
(Ernest Hemingway)

"Wine is the light of the sun mixed with the damp of the vine"
(Galileo Galilei)

"Wine is bottled poetry"
(Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson)

WINE, however, must be good and must last over time; then it becomes the nectar of life. Everyone agrees, develops friendship and best feelings. But to become good you need dedication and professionalism in carrying out a careful fermentation, using the best SELECTED FERMENTS and the products of the first and oldest Italian Wine Industry. "Life is too short to drink bad wine." Eugenio Montale  



  LZI two centuries
of university studies and scientific research, at the highest levels of development and quality. Since 1897 the first in the EU, the only one, at the service of the world of Enology.

CCIAA LU212629 - PI 02308480488

Head Office: Via Montecavallo 10, Camaiore 55041  (LU)

Factory: Via Sarzanese 328 – Capezzano Pianore

Administrative Dpt: Via Aurelia Nord, 175 – 55049 Viareggio

Telephone +39.0584.50917 - Fax +39.055.39069415

Commercial +39.349.2689100 Numero Verde:8000.90.235